Application due September 20th 2019.

Application due September 20th 2019.

SHift Case Competition…

SHIFT is an annual case competition sponsored and hosted by KPMG and the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. In partnership with Rotman, Dalla Lana, and the Munk School we recruit students from a diverse background and assign them to interdisciplinary teams in order to tackle a challenging case over the course of the week September 31st- October 5th. The event provides students with experience presenting ideas to senior leaders in the private sector and in the public sector to compete for first round interviews at a world class big 4 firm, KPMG. This year applications are due September 19th with offers going out on the 22nd.


This year the competition is open to Master of Public Health Administration and other masters students from the school of Dalla Lana Public Health. We look forward to reviewing your application.


About this years competition…

This year in the second instalment of SHIFT, students will tackle the implementation of a national pharma-care program. To aid in the student teams concept and presentation development, Dr. Danielle Martin will keynote a talk to students and the broader university community two days before the competition speaking to the challenges Canada faces in implementing a pharma-care program.

In addition to continued involvement from the MGA, MPP, and MBA programs at U of T, CCI will be welcoming students from the Dalla Lana school of public health to participate in this years competition

In partnership with KPMG LLP student teams will be assigned coaches who work as consultants with KPMG while they develop their presentations.